A rare black rabbit has been found in a Baccarat Vase

A Baccaras rarer-than-expected black rabbit was found in an urn of urns in a urn-making workshop in Sydney.

The owner of the workshop, the Baccarras Rabbit Club, said the animal was a “feral” rabbit.

“We had a rabbit in our urn for about a year, but it just went into this one,” Ms Pugh said.

“It had to have been taken from somewhere.”

“It was a feral rabbit.

It didn’t belong to anyone else, it wasn’t an animal that we kept at home, it was in a vase.”

The Rabbit Club said the rabbit had a black and white coat and a long black tail.

It was found under the floorboards of the building where the workshop was located, about two kilometres away.

Ms Pugh had hoped the rabbit would have survived, but was unable to find it.

“I was a bit disappointed it had been taken and I was hoping that it would be able to be released and then we would have a chance to bring it back,” she said.

The Rabbit Society said the Rabbit Club had been in touch with the RSPCA to arrange for the animal to be euthanased.

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