When we think of a new generation of Baccarat homes, the first one that comes to mind is this new house in the U.K.

This new house, a $2.5 million Baccaras mansion in Sussex, England, is the biggest in the country and, as it turns out, it’s the one that’s got the most expensive furniture in the house.

The Baccaranis are the first family to own the mansion, which was bought by the couple in 2010.

It has seven bedrooms and 12 bathrooms and the couple are planning on using the home as their family vacation home in 2019, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The new mansion has the most luxurious furniture in Baccaraas house, with 18-foot ceilings and 12-foot wide marble walls.

The house also has a swimming pool, spa, tennis court and a gym.

The Baccarian’s will also be opening a Baccaramas restaurant in 2019.

The new house also features a wine bar and two bars, according the Journal.

In an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation, the family described the house as “one of the most beautiful properties in the world,” adding that they plan to use it for a “family vacation” and a “baccarita.”

The home has a stunning view of the Thames, but its biggest draw is the $2,500 Baccarbas paperweight.

The paperweight is an iconic item that has been featured in movies and television shows.

The family has said that the paperweight will be the “bond of their lives,” according to TMZ.

In another exclusive interview, the couple told the BBC that they are hoping to get “a new baby” this year and have planned to spend the rest of their life in the Baccaron house.

The couple has reportedly been together for 30 years and have been together since 2006.