Why is the Baccarat website making so much money?

The website, owned by Baccarino Group, has raised $2.5m in its last five months, according to a report by Forbes.

The company, which was founded in 1999 by a former student of former NSW premier Mike Baird, is now worth $6.8bn.

It is the largest online gambling company in Australia, according the website, which includes the world’s biggest online poker site, Baccarelli.

The website also hosts an online casino and a live betting site, betting on sports events.

“We believe in making the most of the digital platform we have,” a spokeswoman for Baccarin told Forbes.

“Baccarat’s revenue from its casino and online gaming platforms is the fastest growing in Australia.”

Baccarinos website is owned by the Bunnings family, which also owns the Brisbane Broncos.

It is not yet clear how much of the company’s profits will go to charity.