Why is this butterfly so cute?

Three months after its first appearance on the news, the rare iridescence butterfly has become an internet sensation, becoming a viral sensation.

“The first thing that I did was start to blog about it,” said Sophie, who works as a receptionist at a spa in Melbourne.

She and her co-workers posted the photos to Facebook and Twitter and have received hundreds of comments.

A new butterfly that looks like a butterfly.

Photo: Supplied”I’m really excited about it and have lots of photos to share and I’m super excited about how it’s going to be received.”

“It’s a beautiful butterfly and it looks like it’s been under a microscope.”

Sophie and her partner are keen to promote the butterfly in the hope it will attract people’s attention and help attract more people to the spa.

“We are hoping that the butterflies will help spread the word about the spa and the butterfly, which we’re hoping will make it even more popular,” she said.

The butterfly looks like its being taken apart.

Photo : SuppliedThe couple are also hoping it will be a great way to promote their own business, which is the owner of the spa is also a butterfly enthusiast.

“It has to be a good idea,” Ms Taylor said.

“The butterfly has always been a cool thing for us.”

The butterflies are in the process of being removed from the spa after it was determined it was a “waste of time”.

The new butterfly will be brought back to the Spa in September.

The new iridescantina butterfly.

Read more: “We’re hoping it might attract people to come to our spa for a quick selfie with it, or maybe even a picture of them with it.”

Ms Taylor said the butterfly had been on the market for around three months, with the number of butterflies that were photographed jumping in the past month.

Ms Denton said she was surprised by how quickly it was being shared, even though the butterfly is a rarity in the world of animal conservation.

“I think it’s probably the most unique and unique butterfly to be found anywhere,” she explained.

“So it’s a little bit of a challenge because it’s so hard to capture that kind of beauty in pictures.”

“I just hope people take the time to look at it and say ‘I wonder what this is, why is this a butterfly?'”