What is the Baccarat?

Baccaras, or “beachballs”, are a new breed of bourbon whiskey, a name coined by bartender and distiller James Baccaro.

The whiskey is aged in bourbon barrels and is made by mixing together a mixture of bourbon and a blend of spirits.

It is made in small batches, with the distillery doing most of the work, and then the product is sold at bars and restaurants across the United States.

The Baccarinas are known for their smoothness and flavor.

Some critics have called the product “soda water” and some have called it “chocolate syrup.”

Baccarat is the name for a small bourbon that is distilled and aged in a large batch.

The product is also known as “baccarin,” a reference to the white grape, and is sometimes used as a brand name.

Baccarins have been around since the late 1800s, and they were invented by James Bacca in Buffalo, New York, in 1885.

James Bacararo died in 1887, and Baccarovas have been making their way around the world for years.

The word “bacarat” came from a Russian word for “glass” and a reference on the Bacca’s website to the “bottle” style of whiskey.