How a man lost his wife’s virginity in a baccat tower

A man in Australia is in hospital with a serious head injury after falling from a bacat tower.

The man fell from a height of four storeys, hit his head on concrete, then rolled on the floor, before he was taken to hospital.

His wife, who was also at the tower, told the ABC he was in the middle of the evening with his three children when he fell.

“I saw him hit his chin on the ground,” he said.

“He’s in the hospital with serious head injuries.”

Police said the man fell about two storeys above the building where the baccats are located.

The building is a three-storey building with a bocce court and tennis courts.

“We’re talking about an individual that was probably about 25 metres above the ground floor,” Detective Inspector Greg Cairns said.

The ABC’s Steve Nesbitt reported from Perth.

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