Baccarat, Joyas on a rollercoaster ride with an eye on the World Cup final

Australia are set to play a tough game for their World Cup title as they go into their quarter-final against France in Paris.

Baccarat Joyas is hoping for a better result against France than they had against Belgium in their semi-final.

The Australian team were hammered in their final match of the tournament in France, losing 5-0 to Belgium.

“We were very disappointed in the result and the way we played in the last match,” Joyas coach Steve Hockley said.

They have a tough fixture in France against France and we’ll do everything to make sure we do the same.

“It is a match Australia will want to win to clinch the title.

Joyas are favourites to win their quarter finals, and are confident of making it three in a row.”

I think we have a pretty good chance of getting to the World Series final,” Hockleys coach Simon Richey said.”

They are probably the best side in the world at what they do and I think they’ll be very, very strong.

“They have won four consecutive matches, with the last one a nail-biting defeat by Belgium.”

It’s not a surprise we’ve been playing well,” Richeys coach said.

Baccaras players and staff are expecting to be in a good mood after a long World Cup campaign.”

This has been a very difficult time for our players,” Joys captain and coach Simon Moore said.

They were knocked out of the last four of the World Cups by Belgium, and have a chance to add to their tally of wins against France.”

We want to get a good result here against France,” Moore said of their chances.”

Baccaran has done a great job, we’ve got a lot of young players here and we know they are going to do well.

“The team are also hopeful to add another World Cup win to their record.”

There is no doubt in my mind we will get another one,” Moore added.”

The way the team played in that last game is an indication of what we want to do.

We know what they are capable of.

“But we have to be prepared to face a lot more.”

You can’t lose your first game and get the job done.

It’s always going to be a long season for us, we just have to keep fighting.

“Baccari are also hoping to get another win over France.

France beat the Aussies 2-0 in the quarter-finals and were beaten 3-1 by the Netherlands in the semi-finals.