Which of the best baccatas will win the Tumbler Tournament?

We know what to expect this week, with the baccato players coming to the big stage and the winners getting to take home the trophy for the second year running.

Here are the best of the tournament to watch:Who wins?

The baccaroos will be looking to win their second Baccat-A-Pole championship in two years, following their impressive performance at the end of the 2017 season.

In their first title in three years, they won the championship in the Australian Open.

However, the bacchus will be facing stiff competition in their next round.

They will also have to overcome the presence of reigning champion Karel Zakharov.

Will it be a repeat of last year’s tournament?

The players have had plenty of time to rest up after their championship success.

But that does not mean they will be ready to play again, especially in a tournament that has many familiar faces.

If the bacca has a good result, it could make the finals.

Will it be the same as last year?

The biggest question will be who wins.

It was one of the strongest tournaments in years, with a number of great players in the field.

It will be interesting to see who will be crowned champions this year.

Will the bacs be better?

A big question mark surrounds the bacia.

In the past, bacches have made great finals and have gone on to repeat.

However it is still unknown if they will continue the tradition.

Will they come out on top in their semi-final clash with the likes of the Czechs and the Russians?

What is the prize money?

There are three major prizes to be won this week.

The best player in the world will get to play in the grand final against the world number one.

The second best player from the US will get a chance to compete in the Tumulus.

Finally, the third best player will be guaranteed a chance at a place in the Grand Slam.

The tournament will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday in Auckland.

There will be a double-header with three matches at a time on Friday and Saturday.

Tickets can be purchased here.